The 5 most important metrics in Google Analytics

Google Analitics

Google Analytics, is a very useful analytics tool that allows you to track traffic and analyze user behavior on your website. It provides valuable information that will help you better understand your customers’ preferences and tailor your site and your activities to their expectations and needs. In this post, we’ll outline the five most important metrics in Google Analytics that you should be monitoring to gain better insight into the effectiveness of your website.

User session

A session is the time during which a user has visited and uses your site. Tracking includes the collection of such data as activity time, interactions and actions taken (e.g. transactions made, mouse clicks). The target time for each session is set at 30 minutes. Monitoring this indicator will give you insight into how often a particular user returns to your site and what actions they take on it.

Average session duration

This indicator tells how much time the average user spends on the site during a single session. Longer average time is most often associated with the fact that the content for the viewer is engaging. Analysis of such data will indicate whether there is a need to optimize the site and improve the content to be more valuable and engaging.

Bounce Rate

It measures the percentage of users who left your site after viewing just one page. In simpler terms, it means that the customer has not entered any of the subpages that are on the site. A high rejection rate may indicate that the site is not attractive or useful to users, and the content on it is not inviting. When we have a problem with a high rejection rate, it’s worth paying attention to page load time, make navigation easier, and see how the site displays on different devices.


This is a key indicator for sites that are commercial in nature. It measures the number of users who took a desired action on your site, such as purchasing, registering, or signing up for a newsletter. Monitoring this indicator helps assess the effectiveness of marketing activities and optimize them to increase conversions.

Traffic sources

This indicator shows the origin of users visiting your site. You can approach whether they got here from search results, another site, social media or advertising. Such knowledge will allow you to plan a better marketing strategy and focus your efforts on the areas that yield the best results.

Monitoring indicators in Google Analytics

Collecting and analyzing such data will give you better insight into what actions your site users are taking and what their expectations and needs are. This will help you develop a better marketing strategy and plan apt improvements to your website.