chervon-left-white Effective and selling

Thoughtful layout

Professional UX/UI design

Effective and researched solutions

The planned user interface (UX) of an online store is of great importance to the shopping experience of customers. Correctly designed UX enhances a site's usability, attracting customers to more easily browse products and make purchases. Therefore, we place great importance on careful UX planning to create a user-friendly and intuitive shopping environment that meets your customers' expectations.

Fast and stable

Stable and proven technology

Technology that does not disappoint

Website speed and stability have a direct impact on the quality of the shopping experience. A smooth and fast website allows customers to easily browse products and make payments, which in turn translates into customer satisfaction and a positive online shopping experience. Therefore, we take care of the optimal speed and stability of your site.


Works with your software

Proven integrations

Integration of the online store with systems in the company such as SubiektGT, Optyima, Baselinker, etc.... is critical to effective business process management. With this integration, data related to orders, inventory and customers is automatically synchronized between different systems, eliminating the risk of human error and speeding up the flow of information.

Supported and maintained

Effective post-implementation support

Monitoring and support

Post-implementation support, regular updates and monitoring of the store are key to effective e-commerce. We are responding to problems by keeping purchasing fluid. We update the software to ensure security, new features and performance, and real-time monitoring detects and eliminates failures. A comprehensive approach guarantees stability and an excellent shopping experience for your customers.

How do we work?

  • 1
    1. Meeting with the customer
    2. Basic audit
    3. Getting to know the customer's vision
  • 2
    1. Project
    2. Discussing the preliminary design with the customer
    3. Making changes and corrections
    4. Sending the design to the client for approval
  • 3
    1. Implementation of the order according to the project
  • 4
    1. Sending the realization to the customer
    2. Applying any changes and corrections
  • 5
    1. The customer receives the finished product
    2. Implementation and maintenance
  • Pro 360

Most commonly used technologies

Effective technology is a key foundation for business peace of mind and attracting customers through the website. With reliable technology solutions, the company can ensure the stability, speed and security of the site, which builds trust with customers and provides them with a smooth, positive online experience.

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