Rolls on Instagram – what they are, how to spin them

rolki na isnstagramie

Today, short videos are one of the most popular forms of social media posts. This is evidenced by the popularity of Tik Tok, which is based entirely on short film forms. Instagram also offers this possibility and has introduced the ability to add “rolls” since 2020. What are they and their contemporary relevance on Isntagram?

Referred to as Reels

These are short video sequences that currently can be up to 90 seconds long. They should be 1080px x 1920px recordings in portrait orientation. For these, you can use audio you find in Instagram’s library (it can be music, audio from another user’s video) or upload something of your own. It is important to have the author’s permission for such audio.

Why is it important to spin the rollers?

  • You can express yourself in many different ways and let your creativity flow. It can be a “hand-held” recording in which you tell or show some spontaneous situation. It can also be an artistic video in which you show your products. You are only limited by your imagination!
  • Rolling on Instagram is very popular. Display to more users and you have a good chance to reach new audiences. Algorithms are very much geared towards reels, which definitely perform better than classic posts. This is a good step to increase traffic to the company’s profile on Instagram.
  • Creating valuable content on the rolls can help create an engaged community around the company. You will serve, as it were, an expert and advisory role for your audience.
  • You are building a brand image that follows trends and can respond to customer expectations. This is an extremely important step in enhancing credibility and building audience trust.
  • Rolls can be an excellent form of promotion and advertising of your company’s offerings. Done well, they can help boost sales.

What you need to know before you start spinning the rollers

While there are no rigid rules that will ensure success, there are a few things that are good to keep in mind. We will share with you some tips to help you create perfect rolls on Instagram.

  • Remember that you must have permission from the author for the recording, photo and audio you use. You can use the entire Instagram library, free access tracks and stock recordings (paid and free). Of course, the most effective rolls include video, which you will record yourself. Algorithms are not kind to stock videos.
  • Before you start on your own, see what others are doing. Check what music is popular, save interesting solutions and recordings. Be inspired by what others are doing. Over time, once you become more confident, then you can create rolls based on current trends and viral footage. However, we recommend that you still match such popular themes with your business.
  • Have you added a roll? Share it for viewing on Instastories. This can further increase the reach of the rollout and there is a chance that more of your audience will see it.
  • Create covers! Rolls on Instagram have the option to create a cover, which can be a freeze frame from the video or a separately added image. There is no single good solution. Sometimes an interesting frame from a recording will work better, other times a cover prepared from scratch. Test different variants!
  • If you don’t feel up to making a roll on Instagram yourself from scratch, then use ready-made templates. Canva is a great tool where you can find plenty of free (as well as paid) templates for ready-made reels. All you need to do is make a free registration and you can use this tool without time or quantity restrictions. Some of the advanced features are paid, but the free ones are sufficient in most cases.

Is it worth it?

Yes! However, this is no longer a matter of choice. Short film formats are taking over social networks, and you have to keep up with it. For now, this is the best form to promote their products and brand. You can make such recordings yourself, outsource it to professionals or enter into cooperation with an influencer who will be obliged to prepare such material.

Rolling on Instagram is a great tool to show creativity and build an engaged online community. You need to plan this kind of content in your media plan.