How to speed up a website on WordPress?


A website’s loading speed affects the user’s experience and, consequently, how they will remember a visit to your site. Slow loading and poor responsiveness most often causes the viewer to give up and close the site. We don’t like to wait and are annoyed when technology doesn’t respond immediately to our commands. That’s why today we’re going to suggest how to speed up your website on WordPress!

Proper Hosting

The hosting service plays a key role in the site’s performance. That’s why it’s worth betting on a fast and reliable web host that offers fast servers and adequate support for WordPress. This will have a positive impact on the resources available for your site, security, and the extent of support you receive in an emergency.

Cache memory

By default, the site works when certain information (e.g. code, script) is processed by the hosting, and only then does the user’s browser receive feedback in the form of the appearance of the page. If you don’t have a cache plug-in installed, this process is repeated again and again from scratch, and with a large number of visitors, this can slow down the site.

A cache is a static version of your website that you can make available to users much faster. This greatly improves performance and loading speed. Therefore, install the appropriate plug-ins that will create such a copy. The most popular are: WP Super Cache and w3 Total Cache.

Optimize your photos

High-resolution images are a common cause of slow website loading. Therefore, before placing them on your site, make sure they are properly optimized. It is best to send them to the server in jpg form, and leave the png format only for graphics where transparency is required. It is also worth remembering to compress the photos. We recommend using popular plugins on WordPress for this purpose, such as Smush, EWWW Image Optimizer.

Also, remember to remove any no longer needed images and photos from your website.

Manage plug-ins

Plugins on WordPress are not only useful, but also necessary to fully customize your site. However, it is important to update them regularly, as only then do they provide us with full security and performance. The updates provide many fixes and optimizations that translate into better site functionality.

However, excessive use of plug-ins can significantly slow down the site. Therefore, don’t use too many of them, and remove themes or plug-ins that are no longer used, this way you will gain a lot of space and improve the performance of your site.

The latest version of PHP

PHP is a programming language that is designed to generate web pages in real time. Using its latest version has a big impact on the performance of a website on WordPress. In addition, such updates will also improve security and functionality. In turn, fast page loading promotes positioning in search results.

Of course, these are not all the steps you can take to improve the performance of your website. However, these are such basic and simple measures that will certainly have a positive impact on the functionality of the site.