How to set up a company Facebook account?

Currently, a company’s presence on social media seems almost essential. It allows you to build your company’s image, create an effective marketing strategy and is an excellent tool for communicating with customers. Of course, just setting up a profile is not enough, as it still needs to be properly managed. However, today we will show you step-by-step how to handle the creation of a corporate Facebook (now Meta) account.

Do I need to have a private account?

Yes. Unfortunately, it is not possible to set up a corporate Facebook profile without first having a private one. If you don’t have one, you should start by setting up just that. The first thing you need to do is to log in and click on this link https://www.facebook.com/pages/create ,which will take you to the new site wizard. This will save you time and you will not have to spend it searching for this option in your profile.

Company name

One of the first tasks is to enter the name of the site. Most often we decide on the name of our own company, and you can basically stop there. If the name is unclear, we can add a small hint about what you do, such as: Kotoba won’t tell customers much, but if you add Kotoba – books with soul. This already narrows the search and will fit perfectly into the publisher’s corporate fanpage. It’s worth playing around with creative, fun, unusual name creation. However, it is crucial that it fits with your company’s policies and values. Facebook allows the company to change its name, but it has to approve it, and such a process can take a long time. Therefore, it is worth thinking about this issue well from the beginning, as it is one of the forms of branding.

Site Category.

The next step is to select the category of the company profile. It’s best to choose one that reflects the nature of your business from the beginning, as this has an impact on whether people who are interested in such services will find your site. You can add up to three categories. Just as important as the category is the current address, as this makes it easier for users to find specific products or services in their area. Right below you have the option to enter a description for your company profile. This is not a mandatory step, but it is definitely worth completing this field. Remember that this is a kind of showcase for the site, so lean on it a little longer. Instead of a few dry sentences, we recommend betting on a short but creative and surprising description that not only indicates what you do, but also amuses or surprises the potential customer.

Personalizing the site.

Once these formalities are completed, the profile officially becomes operational – at least in theory. In practice, you still need to put in some work so that it begins to reflect the character of your company. First of all, you should enter technical data such as contact address, phone number, link to your site (this will always help increase traffic). It is also worth adding information on opening hours. Of course, these are not all the opportunities Facebook has in store for you, but some of them depend on the type of business you run. And so, for example, you can add the types of services offered, add links to the brand’s profile on other social media platforms or set up an automatic response to customer messages. All these and other tools allow you to build your brand image and improve communication with your customers. Therefore, it is worthwhile to carefully review all options and choose those that fit the characteristics of your business.

Visual side.

You probably already have your company logo, so it’s best to go classic and set it on your profile picture. This background photo can give you more options, and we encourage you to use the graphic designer who previously designed our logo again. Of course, the background photo is best to change periodically and, for example, also in this way inform about a new offer, promotion or other events. If you don’t have the opportunity to hire a graphic designer again, and you can’t do much yourself, it’s a good idea to help yourself with the canva.com tool In its basic, free version, it offers many options and ready-made templates also for a Facebook background photo. All you need is a ready-made solution tailored to your needs. On the web you will find plenty of guides on how to act and find your way around this site.

I have a company profile and what’s next?

In fact, setting up a company account is the first and easiest step on the way to success on the platform. Now you need to start keeping your account in line with your company’s image and values. At the same time, it is necessary to develop your knowledge and look for solutions that will bring the greatest benefit. You need to devote some time and energy to it, so if you have the opportunity then either take care of it yourself, or use the help of a professional company that can run the Fanpage for you, or provide advice and assistance in starting these activities.