How to ensure continuity of publication – scheduling Facebook posts

planowanie postów

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms for companies and brands to reach their target audience. However, in order to conduct successful social media communications and maintain interest in your community, it’s important to regularly post content on social media. Scheduling Facebook posts is a key element to keep your publications consistent and continuous. That’s why we’ll give you tips on how and where to schedule posts. Properly organized and arranged content has a better chance of meeting its objectives.

Content Planning.

Facebook post scheduling is done with: Meta Business Site. You can get there from within Facebook – just click on your profile picture on the right, and when the menu expands, select “Meta Business Site”, or directly from this link: business.facebook.com. It will then take you to a professional dashboard, where you can manage Facebook content or see statistics. It’s a very useful tool and, at this point, even necessary to run a company website on this platform.

The posts are planned very simply. Just click the “Create post” option and enter the target content and photos/graphics/video. Below you will find the “Scheduling Options” tab, where you should select the “schedule” item. There you select the target date and time of publication.

Remember that Facebook operates with the terms AM (hours until noon) and PM (hours after noon) time. After all, we don’t want the 9 o’clock target post to be published at 9 o’clock ; )

Once you click schedule – you’re all set! As of now, the post is visible in the schedule. Of course, you can still edit it or even delete it. The time and day of publication can also be changed. As you can see, scheduling Facebook posts is very simple and intuitive. Surprisingly in the same way you can also plan a relationship! As you can see, there are a lot of facilities for those who run a company’s social media.

Why plan content?

Content planning, in a way, forces you to think about your strategy and consider what and what form of content you want to put on your site. Is your goal to increase engagement or reach new audiences? Each of these cases requires a different approach. With publication scheduling, you can match the times your content appears to the hours when your target audience is most active on Facebook. You do not have to limit yourself to the hours of your work or work after hours. You plan your content in advance and you’re done! Where to get such hours? By analyzing the statistics, which are also available in Meta Business Site. Scheduling Facebook posts definitely makes it easier to achieve marketing goals for your business.