How important is chat on a website?

czat na żywo

Nowadays, websites are an integral part of most companies and organizations. They are crucial in building a brand, reaching customers and conducting interactions with them. The level of customer service is a very important aspect of a company’s operation, which significantly affects whether it will succeed or ultimately fail. Customers now appreciate quick assistance and efficient answers to questions. In this context, a chat room that we can run on the site can be very helpful. However, there are several important factors that you absolutely must consider before making such a decision.

Customer benefits.

One of the main advantages of using live chat is immediate communication with the customer service team. It is a tool that allows direct and quick contact on the website, instead of using traditional contact channels such as e-mail or telephone. An additional advantage is that such a solution is perfect for deaf and hard-of-hearing people, for whom talking on the phone is not really possible. At the same time, such a chat room can serve as a space to inform about promotions, promote specific products and encourage purchases. If a customer addresses a question to an employee in a chat room, he then has the opportunity not only to provide specific information, but also to advise and help select the right solutions for him.

Nowadays, customers are not very patient, so being able to communicate quickly and easily with company employees is an important part of good customer service for them. With live chat, customers can get real-time assistance, which contributes to increasing customer satisfaction and building a positive brand image.

Benefits for stores.

The fact is that conducting live chat causes some difficulties for stores. You have to, at least, delegate employees for whom live chat will be a priority during working hours. Because for such a tool to make sense, the customer should receive a response a maximum of 5-10 minutes after sending the request. Longer waiting times will make them discouraged and leave for the competition. And that’s something you certainly don’t want to let happen. The benefit lies in the fact that through conversations with customers you can collect information about them, such as their email address, name, but also their preferences and needs. And this is information at a premium! This will allow you to deliver a more personalized offer that will more effectively influence such a customer’s purchasing decisions, which can help increase sales. Direct interaction helps build trust and convince customers to make a purchase.

Is it worth it?

Definitely! Especially if the budget allows it. If you can’t provide an employee to handle the chat all day, nothing lost anyway! Ensure the presence of someone during the working hours of your office, and outside of them, let it correspond to the customers of the so-called “office”. bot. All you have to do is provide him with the right question-and-answer patterns, and he can handle the customer service, which in most cases will be simple and easy to anticipate questions.

Live chat is a tool that really improves customer service and thus customer satisfaction. If recipients get help and answers to their questions quickly while shopping, there’s a good chance they’ll come back to you again rather than move on to your competitors. You should consider implementing chat, especially if your company is one of many in the industry.