Google Search Console’s 4 most important metrics

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a great tool for any website owner who wants to improve their site’s visibility in Google search results. It provides information about how Google indexes and displays your site. In this post, we’ll discuss four basic data that you should monitor to effectively optimize your website.

Google Search Console’s four most important metrics

  1. Total number of clicks
    It tells you how many people clicked on the link that led to your site from the search results. Paid displays are omitted from the data.
  2. Total number of impressions
    It indicates how many search results drive traffic to your site and how many showed up to users using Google’s search engine. Scrolling is also taken into account when calculating this indicator.
  3. Average position
    Calculates the average position of your site in search results. If your site appeared at the third position for one query and at the seventh position for another, the final index will be 5.
  4. CTR
    Percentage represents the ratio of impressions to clicks. It shows what percentage of people who saw your site in search results clicked on it.

Analyze data from different angles

By default, all of the above values are presented for your entire site, but you can filter the data by other selected criteria. You can choose filters such as:

  • Search type – web (displayed on the everything tab), image (displayed on the graphics tab), video(displayed on the video tab) or messages (displayed on the messages tab).
  • Query: data that relates to specific key phrases or those that contain certain components of them.
  • Page – data that apply to a specific URL (after discarding all missed redirects).
  • Device – the type of device the user uses when searching: computer, tablet or phone.
  • Country – from which the search results originate. Especially helpful for multilingual sites.
  • Search Engine Appearance – Information can be broken down by how search results are displayed on Google.

Essentials of a modern company

Google Search Console is an invaluable tool that can very significantly help make changes for the better in your business. Especially if your business and marketing strategy is based on operating on the Web. Regular analysis of the collected data helps to tailor the site to users’ needs and expectations, thereby increasing its visibility. Basic Google Search Console metrics are not all there is to know.

For more information, see the official guide here.