Expensive graphics or average photo? – Which is better for publication.

Nowadays, with social media and websites playing a huge role in our daily lives, the question of what types of content are best to publish is becoming increasingly important. We are increasingly using visual means of expression, such as graphics, photo, video or gifs. This is also the case in everyday conversations via instant messaging. Everyone’s attention is automatically focused on pretty visuals, and we’re getting worse and worse at the so-called “visuals. wall of text. Therefore, the visual side of the company is increasingly important for business. If you’re basing your business in part or entirely on the web, then you’re definitely concerned about creating effective marketing content. We will try to bring this issue closer and somewhat clarify the doubts that arise.

Lots of competition.

Creating content for social media in the case of companies mainly has marketing objectives such as reaching the largest possible audience, building brand image and creating a dialogue with customers. At least that’s the way it is in an ideal world, and that’s what most aspire to. However, competition is fierce and it is increasingly difficult to stand out (especially for new and small brands) in the overcrowded Internet. Therefore, it is important to plan and think carefully about the graphics or photos used in published content. Is it better to bet on a high-quality graphic prepared by a professional or a medium-quality photo? It depends!


Graphics, which will be prepared by a professional, will certainly be of excellent quality. Today’s tools allow specialists to create amazing compositions that will meet even the most unusual expectations. This gives a huge range of possibilities and we can let our creativity run wild when coming up with a concept. Such a service, however, costs money. On the social media of big brands you will find photos or graphics of excellent quality, which are prepared by the best. However, large companies have equally large budgets to spend on such solutions. If you’re a small business, frequent use of a graphic designer may consume too much of your revenue. We realize that for some, this is an impassable issue. Still, there are situations in which you should hire a professional for your small business.

Special occasions

Logo design, a new product line, important events in your company – such situations require high-quality graphics. A well-constructed visualization will make potential customers take notice of your product or service. And that is the main goal! Particularly for entrepreneurs who want to build a consistent brand image, investing in professional graphics can pay dividends in terms of increased recognition and positive customer perception. However, we advise choosing a specialist carefully. In the era of developing AI technology, we may be tempted by the lower price of works that are created in cooperation with a computer program. However, many people have some doubts about the ethical and legal aspects of such graphics. Therefore, it is better to avoid such situations until the matter is legally settled, as it can negatively affect the brand image. It is better to pay a person to implement your idea yourself.

Medium photo

Most of us have a phone with a pretty good camera, so taking pictures has become much more common these days than it was even 20-30 years ago. This is what social media is really based on. In that case, is there any point in sharing medium-quality photos on a company profile? Of course it is! It’s just as effective a way to convey information and interest the audience as graphics. With photo editing tools and mobile apps readily available, almost anyone can take a decent quality photo on their own. However, we should choose this solution for the right situation and the type of content being shared.

Link building

Such photos on a company profile can be a breath of authenticity and spontaneity. This is a good way with posts that are meant to bring a little closer to the company and its employees and show a slightly less formal side of the brand. These types of photos are often of interest to customers and will greatly warm up your image. They also help to build ties and closer relationships with the audience. In such a situation, it doesn’t matter much that the photo is of average quality, but what matters is what it depicts. If you usually share graphics or product images as a company that are professional and high quality, this could be a good springboard! Such materials are perfect for a relationship or a post related to a special occasion. Are you celebrating the company’s 10th anniversary? Take a fun or creative photo with your employees! All you need is a phone and a little willingness!

To make good use of social media you need to be creative and responsive to current trends. Marketing on the web is completely different from the one we know from television or newspapers, because here you can interact with customers a little more freely.

The third side of the coin

Now there is also another option that is taking not only social media by storm, but also advertising campaigns. Recently, programs in which artificial intelligence is the one that “creates” graphics and photos have developed strongly. Some of the most popular are: Midjourney, DALL-E 2, StarryAI or Adobe Firefly. Of course, the most famous is the Midjourney, which has also stirred up the most controversy. Such programs do not create on their own, as they have learned most things by absorbing photos, paintings, graphics that real artists have created. These are very convenient tools and can indeed save a ton of time and money if we use them well. However, they are also stirring up some controversy in the artist community, so keep in mind that excessive use can negatively affect brand image.

Each of the above options has its uses and you should not close yourself off to any of them. Don’t be afraid to test new solutions! In the end, it can bring really unexpected benefits!