Be approachable – build a persona, tell a story – Storytelling.


In today’s society, where consumers have access to a vast amount of information and advertisements bombard them from all sides, it is difficult to capture their attention and interest. In such a situation, it becomes crucial to build a positive brand image and establish a strong emotional bond with the viewer. If you arouse excitement in them – then your chance for profit increases significantly. One effective tool for this is storytelling, or the art of storytelling.

What is storytellig?

This is a narrative technique, which is also called narrative marketing. It involves using story elements in an advertising campaign. It is an extremely effective tool because stories, is one of the oldest ways of interpersonal communication, which engages us very strongly. If you tell a story instead of simply extolling your product, you will evoke emotions in your audience, so they become more engaged. In turn, this makes them remember your product or service much better. In addition, consumers under the influence of emotion are more likely to make purchasing decisions, so this route can be an excellent solution for increasing potential sales profit.

How to tell a story?

Nowadays, the use of storytelling in business is becoming extremely important, as it helps you stand out from the competition and become memorable to your audience. However, in order for this to work, it is important to properly prepare not only the story itself, but also to tailor it for your target audience. It is imperative that you analyze the situation well and be very specific about who you want to target with your advertising. What needs, dreams or concerns does the audience have? What inspires and moves them? On the surface, it may seem very personal and unnecessary, but these are nevertheless very important elements. On this basis, you can begin to create stories that will resonate with the emotions and expectations of your audience. If you want to tell a story that will move your customers, you need to know them well. Storytelling has emotion as its main and key ingredient.

The hero levers the whole story.

A key element of storytelling is the creation of a protagonist. He should be an authentic character with whom the audience can identify. Like any good story, this one must also be based on the fact that the protagonist has to face various challenges in order to ultimately, using the brand’s services or products, achieve his goal and overcome his difficulties. This helps build credibility, as audiences can see that the brand really understands people’s needs and can help them. An additional element of storytelling is emotional engagement. So the story should be touching, inspiring, sometimes even funny. Emotions have great power because we remember and identify with the stories that touch our hearts. This is why the character of the protagonist is so important – because it is he who shoulders the success of the entire story, and consequently the success of the entire campaign.

Is it worth it?

Storytelling is an excellent tool in modern marketing. Recipients are tired of being constantly stimulated and inundated with cheap advertising. That’s why it’s worth betting on stories that will engage and move them, because then advertising seems less pushy to them. A story with a message brings more to their day than a graphic with the content “Buy x – it’s the best product on the market!”.