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Baselinker and Invoice House – Excellent Integration with Little Manacle


Problem with printing a receipt Invoice / Fisker by Baselinker

Baselinker and Invoice House are tools that significantly simplify invoice and sales management. By integrating the two systems, businesses can automate many processes, saving time and minimizing the risk of errors. However, like most solutions, it too has its minor drawbacks. The standard lacks the ability to directly print receipts from Baselinker using a fiscal printer and fisker integration.

Problem with Paragon Printing using fisker integration .

Baselinker’s integration with Invoicing works great for generating sales documents and invoices, but there is a problem when you want to print a fiscal receipt. Direct print development from Baselinker is not possible, which can be inconvenient for companies that need a quick and error-free solution.

Solving the Problem – Print Script

Fortunately, there is a way to solve this problem. We have developed a special script that allows you to print receipts directly from Baselinker through Invoicing. With our solution, you can forget about printing problems and focus on what matters most – fulfilling orders.

How Does Our Script Work?

Our script acts as a bridge between Baselinker and Invoicing, which will trigger a printout on a fiscal printer, integrated with the fiskator module. It allows you to directly transfer data to the printer and quickly generate receipts. It is a simple and effective solution that introduces convenience and time savings.

Why Use Our Solution?

  • Speed and Efficiency: Automation of the receipt printing process saves valuable time and avoids unnecessary parts of the process.
  • Avoiding Mistakes: Our solution minimizes the risk of errors that can occur when manually calling up fiscal receipts from the Invoice Room.
  • EASY IMPLEMENTATION: Implementation with the help of our experienced specialists is included in the price, which will allow you to efficiently customize the script for your individual requirements.

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If you have a problem with your fisker and Baselinker, don’t wait! Contact us and we will help you solve it. With our solution, your integration of Baselinker with Invoice Factory will work even better.