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How it started

From events to IT and marketing

We started our adventure by building events, conferences and even stand-up. By creating marketing for their events, we began to get more enjoyment out of it than organizing the event itself. And so our passion was born! We began to educate ourselves further, learn lessons from our own experiences and implement new solutions and products. At that time, we started to operate more widely and carried out orders for other companies


International team!

Our agency consists of 9 out-of-the-box personalities that come together in Codo Agency. Our team hides a lot of passion, skills and experience from 3 international markets.

We will create a website tailored to your needs right-black

Quality improvement

Creating solutions that work.

We can find millions of sites or stores in the online space, but only a small percentage of them work.
sides – to one that brings contacts,
stores – to those that sell vs. apps,
applications – to ones that work,
Advertisements – to ones that don’t burn through the budget.

With us, your online presence will not go unnoticed.


Save time by implementing tools.

We live in the 21st century, when a whole host of solutions are available to help you automate your operations.
Order integrators, Chatbot, or maybe B2B features in an online store to improve your team’s productivity?
We don’t turn back the river with a stick, we keep up with the development of tools and implement them with our clients, freeing up their time for the things that really matter.


We do not leave the customer in the woods.

We have always wanted to talk, implement and help develop.
From now on it is possible! Our team helps not only at the implementation stage of new solutions, but also after they are applied.

We advise, campaign, improve and develop your company’s online image at every stage of our cooperation.