10 proven content ideas for social media

treści na social media

Companies are already well established on social media, and the content they post is an important component of their marketing strategy. We know that when running social media, there may come a time when you have no idea what posts you should make right now. There is nothing spectacular going on in the company and no new products on offer. What in such a situation? Below you will find proven content ideas for social media! Some require more effort, while others are a safe option during a difficult time when you don’t have much time to be creative.

1. show the company from behind the scenes!

Imagine that you have beautiful photos and footage of products from the new range, but you have to wait for the official launch. Don’t want to ply people with the same content for the umpteenth time, and have no idea what to do next? In such a situation, it is perfect to show the daily work in your company. Whether it will be a shared selfie, or a short photo or recording while doing chores – here you already have a free choice. Customers love to see behind-the-scenes photos, so it’s worth providing them with something like this. Make a preview of the new collection by showing some element of the work on it. It’s also a great idea to introduce the employees and introduce the team! Of course, if they agree to it.

2. questions and surveys

Asking questions is a great way to engage the community and learn about their opinions related to your service/product or brand as a whole. It’s not only filling up your social media schedule, but also a big treasure trove of knowledge! You can use it to plan promotions or further marketing campaign steps. The answers will help you better understand your customers, as well as generate interest and interaction. Remember, however, that such a survey should be easy and quick to complete, and the question should be understandable and simple, which do not require elaborate statements.

3. promote your products and services

Remember that how you present your offer is crucial. Photos should be clear, and all graphics should be consistent with the company’s logo and image. It’s a good idea to share useful tips and tricks related to your products or services. Show your audience what it will do for them if they take advantage of your offer. It’s also worth sharing industry tidbits and giving a little insight to customers about why and how your products, services work. Thus, you can show what you are better at than the competition, but here beware! Such marketing should be used carefully and with thought. Simply discrediting the competition is not enough. ; )

4. present a true story.

It’s worth encouraging customers to share their stories related to your brand. Case study type posts are an excellent way to show the credibility and effectiveness of a product or service. An unbiased person’s opinion is an easy way to promote your offering and build trust in your brand. Many people look online for reviews of their services before using them. What to put in such a post? It can be a screen capture of a comment or private message in which someone shares a positive experience with the brand. Just remember to obscure the user’s personal information!

5. react to events, trends and holidays.

It’s a good idea to reference current events, holidays or unusual days in your posts, especially if they are related to your brand. Obvious are promotions and special offers for Christmas, Mom’s Day, Dad’s Day, etc. However, it is worth turning to unusual holidays or current cultural and social events and referring to them in your posts. However, we recommend caution! It is not worth referring to political disputes or exaggerating the number of such posts. After all, you don’t want your social media accounts to become a calendar of holidays and events. ; )

6. collaboration with influencers/famous people.

It is worth considering the possibility of working with outsiders who have an audience or fans who may be interested in your offerings. Whether it’s a barter or permanent collaboration, it usually involves the other party being required to create a post on their media related to reviewing and promoting your company’s offerings. Such a situation allows you to show your products or service as seen through the eyes of another person, and such a breath of fresh air can always attract attention. It is also a great opportunity to gain new observers and potential customers. Of course, you should think very carefully about the question of with whom to start cooperation and on what terms.

7 Live broadcasts.

This will take a little more energy and time, but we recommend you decide to take this step every once in a while. Live broadcasts can already be conducted on almost every social media platform, and it is worth taking advantage of this. You can conduct some workshops, show a report on an event, or just talk to the community and answer their questions. This is an excellent way to interact directly with customers and build closer relationships. You can easily gather a lot of valuable information and learn about the needs and concerns of your audience. And on this basis you can build further marketing activities.

8. invite an expert!

If you have the opportunity, it’s definitely worth inviting an expert on your social media who is related to the field in which you operate. I know you probably have some in your company, but it would be good to invite someone from outside, as it’s a great opportunity to increase your reach. Ideally, the interview should be conducted and videotaped. If you don’t have such opportunities, a written interview that you post on your blog is also a great idea. Such an expert may also appear in a live broadcast on Instagram, for example. Then your and his audience will know about such an event, which translates into greater reach. There are quite a few possibilities, and it is a good idea to diversify your content on social.

9. promote your blog.

If you have and corporate blog, it is worth promoting it on your social media. You can regularly remind people about the posts on the coverage, but every now and then it’s a good idea to do a full-fledged post with a link to the blog. Especially if the topic covered is interesting, timely and you know it will interest customers. A blog reminder is a great excuse to send users to your website and increase traffic. In addition, there is a good chance that after reading a new blog post, customers will stay longer and make purchases.

10. publish the instructions!

Many people actually show very little when promoting their products or services. Are you selling cosmetics? Show step-by-step how to use them! Are you a company that is based in a tangled mess? Make a fun/interesting instructional video entitled. “How to find us?”. Don’t be afraid to showcase your services and products in more casual/less studio-like photos and footage. This builds trust and brings you closer to your customers. Of course, I’m not saying that the recordings you create should be of poor quality, but rest assured you will find someone in the team who has a phone with a decent camera.

These are just 10 sample social media content ideas that you can use. Of course, we will prepare more such articles for you. However, this 10 is such a proven basis that is suitable for any company and should be a good source of inspiration when you have no idea what to do anymore. Help yourselves! 😉